USP 5 : Sales Pitch & Purchase Technique

Who should attend?

Are you caught in the situation where you have all the calculations and charts, but still fail to deliver during your presentation?

Did you know, sellers want to know “Why should I sell now? If I sell, where should I buy?”

Similarly, do you know that buyers want to know “Why should I buy now? Where should I buy? Why should I invest in this development and not somewhere else?”

Since not all sellers can or should sell their properties, and not all properties are good buys..

Are you wondering, who our target market should be?

If this is YOU, you need to join sign up for this course now!


Course Outline

  • Is it wise to hold on to your HDB?
  • Find out the effects of CPF accrued interest on your property
  • Learn crucial financial techniques you can apply in today’s market
  • Effectively assist your client in upgrading their assets
  • Master the art of decoupling

Date: 22 & 23 Oct 2019, 10am – 6pm

ERA @ Mountbatten Square (#03-01)
229 Mountbatten Road
Singapore 398007

Jim's previous career as an Air force Engineer has given him stellar work ethics gleaned from required precision in aircraft engineering which has lent credence to his real estate career and been crucial in his success. As a sales person, he is a highly determined and disciplined. The Top Manager of the Year (2013) and Top Achiever aims to give back to the real estate community through sharing his expertise and knowledge with his beloved ERA teammates.