USP 3 : Financial Calculation (Part 1)

Who should attend?

All salespersons who aspire to become trusted advisers to clients instead of being just another buy-sell-rent agent.

Course Outline

  • Master the Enhanced Closing Skill to increase your hit rate!
  • Learn how to perform financial calculations on the i-ERA Property Investment Calculator, as well as practical applications.
  • Derive attractive financial advisory script to seal the deal instantly
  • Must Know steps of the Financial Calculation Process to avoid closing pitfalls
  • Master Shortfall Calculations to turn impossible deals into possible ones


Date: 10 Oct 2019, 10am - 4pm

ERA @ Mountbatten Square (#03-01)
229 Mountbatten Road
Singapore 398007

Ryner comes from strong academic roots in
real estate management and finance, and has mentored countless teammates in their real estate careers through his knowledge and expertise. With his advantage of a finance-based education, Ryner is skilled with complex real estate calculations and has shared many practical formulas to help teammates enhance their deal closings. His aptitude with numbers has also helped propel his own sales performance in this opportunity-laden landscape.