Ultimate Realtorpreneur Training Course

Course Outline:

Specially tailored for real estate professionals, regardless of your ranks and experience; the Ultimate Realtorpreneur Training Course is the most important three-day training course in your entire real estate career to help you rise up from a salesperson mindset, to become a full-fledged Realtorpreneur.

This means how you go about managing your time, your resources, your contacts, your people and what you do once you are ready to scale your business is imperative.

There are right and wrong ways to do it. First and foremost, it is important that you unlearn bad habits and relearn good techniques. Without an open mind, it will likely result in futile efforts to grow your business and potentially cause harm to your future income and livelihood for your family and loved ones.

How can you start? And what can you do to make sure the efforts you put in today can be rewarded in the future? Rise up and transform your real estate career now.


Key Benefits:

The process of generating a successful income is twofold: First, you have to learn to manage your personal growth, and then you have to get and retain the people who can form the pillars of your business. Trust in a proven system. Let our top leaders help you.

Who should attend

All ERA Teammates who are looking to build a profitable and sustainable income by transforming their real estate career into a successful Realtorpreneurship.



ERA @ Mountbatten Square (#03-01)
229 Mountbatten Road
Singapore 398007

Ryner Koh

As the ERA Top Executive Group Division Director of the year(2018), Ryner has successfully groomed and grown his modest group into a powerful team boasting multiple Top Achievers. With his impeccable sales performance and team building experience, Ryner's depth and breadth of industry knowledge can transform aspiring agents into full-fledged Realtorpreneurs.

Marcus Chu

Marcus has had a long and illustrious history of raising great leaders who in turn transform their teammates into leaders themselves. This virtuous cycle is further perpetuated through his role as COO within ERA, where he regularly mentors leaders and associates who have reached roadblocks in their careers and mentors them in embracing the Realtorpreneur mindset. Having been in various leadership positions for over two decades, Marcus has transformed the lives of countless ERA teammates and is a deeply respected figurehead within the industry. His time and efforts are invested in his beloved ERA leaders and teammates, and their personal and professional successes are his greatest returns.

Chris Chen

Chris has been making waves in the real estate industry since 2002. During the 2019 Asia Pacific Business Conference he was awarded the APAC Top Division of the Year (2018) and International Top Division (2018) award. Chris is a hands on leader who believes in remaining approachable regardless of time or place, sharing his knowledge selflessly with those who are keen to learn. Chris has groomed his team from the ground up to become the Top Division of the Year. Let Chris share his priceless experience on how you can boost your associate and client network, leverage on your teammates’ strengths, and exponentially increase your sales production!