Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp

Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp

Who should attend

This camp is a must for associates who aim to be leaders, no matter where they are. Leadership skills will be shared with anyone who desires to find the breakthrough in their life.

Why should you attend

Learn how to be a leader both in your career and your personal life in this camp. We created The Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp to empower our salespersons to become the best version of themselves. In this camp, there will be a series of activities that challenges both the mind and the body. Upon completion, participants will have acquired the knowledge and skills to become a leader of an effective, high-performing team.

25 – 27 Feb 2020

Time: 10am to midnight or Later


Recreation Complex Chinese Swimming Club
34 Amber Road, Singapore 439870


Marcus Chu

To Marcus, leaders are not born; they’re made. He believes that everyone has the innate capability to be better, and he’s been developing training programmes and tools to help people discover their full potential. As the Chief Operating Officer, all the Division Directors and salespersons are under his charge. Besides spearheading numerous innovations and projects at the corporate level, Marcus loves building people through extraordinary and experiential programmes.

The Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp is the culmination of his passion aimed at not just bringing out the full potential of his charges, as well as making them better persons in life through transformed mindsets, relationships and a sense of love and hope.

Kevin Lim

Kevin has displayed exceptional leadership by growing a small team of 20 salespersons to a robust team of over 1,000 high performing agents. Not only that, Kevin’s division remains one of the most successful teams in ERA history as they are currently the #1 Team in ERA Singapore and Asia Pacific, as well as boasting the #1 International Champion Team Award, from 2014 to 2016. Today, Kevin is one of the other two Chief Agency Directors in ERA and his goal is to continue to build a pipeline of high performing ERA leaders through the Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp.

Gary Lau

There are only two Chief Agency Directors in ERA and Gary is one of them. Besides being an outstanding individual, Gary has shaped the careers of more than 2,000 real estate agents to date. During his time as a Division Director, one of his defining achievements was having his division accounted for over 17% of the 2014 Top 300 Achievers of the Year. Today, Gary is focusing on developing the next generation of leaders in ERA at the Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp.