Landed Mastery

Who should attend

Any salespersons who want to increase their knowledge of the landed property segment and gain the ability to serve a wider range of clients.

Why should you attend

Marketing landed properties requires a different approach: you need a more intimate knowledge of its history and construction guidelines to succeed in this niche market. Elevate your capabilities in this segment with this course, where you learn effective strategies to market and prospect for landed properties, as well as ways to maximise the potential and value for landed properties.


– Elevate your expertise in selling landed properties
– Be familiar with the property history and construction guidelines
– Gain effective marketing and prospecting strategies

20 Aug 2019, 10am – 7pm


ERA @ Mountbatten Square (#03-01 )
229 Mountbatten Road
Singapore 398007

Bjorn Chua

Bjorn is thriving in the landed properties segment like none other. With sheer hard work and determination, Bjorn rose through the ranks by becoming one of the top District Division Directors in the 2017 Asia Pacific Business Conference. Today, he leads an equally successful team focusing on landed properties in his division.


I think it’s useful for beginner and veteran agents who want to know what experiences agent like Bjorn Chua has gone through his course of work. Even the technical aspects was very useful and considering that now is the period where some of us may not be doing more sales. It’s good for us to take some time to catch up on the academic side of things. I think everybody who has a day to spare should come for this training as it is very useful.


I will definitely recommend this to my friends, my colleagues, as well as my upline and my downline because I think it is really applicable to all agents, old or new. Because the trainer not only shared with us the the technical side, he also shared with us relatable experiences. Especially some of the objections that we may face from our customers. I think the experience he shared with us was very good and can help us as agents in many ways.